At Chewed Pixel Studios, we specialize in cutting-edge rug visualization apps. These apps put your customers just a few taps away from a wide selection of your rugs which can be viewed from the comfort of their own home.

Users will be able to move your rugs around the room to get an ideal understanding of how they fit in with the decor of their living spaces. If a specific style doesn’t suit their needs, they can use the smart selection menu to quickly find the variant they prefer the most.

When a particular rug catches their eye, a “buy now” button will take them directly to your storefront where they can make the purchase seamlessly.

This is simple, easy-to-use technology which places your customer directly at the center of the decision-making process. With just a click, they can save a snapshot to their phone to share on social media or directly with friends and family.


  • An immersive, augmented reality rug visualization app for iOS and Android devices.
  • An easy-to-use web portal which allows store employees to seamlessly update photos and other information displayed on the app. 
  • An in-app search screen which allows customers to quickly filter (by rug size, by rug color, by rug style, etc.) and easily identify their ideal rug. 
  • The ability for users to not only visualize rugs in their home environment, but also to rotate and reposition all available rugs in order to get an ideal preview of what the real rug would look like in their room. 
  • Photo capture option which allows users to take a photograph (with brand watermark) of the rugs and save it to their camera roll to share with friends and family on social media. 
  • A “buy now” feature which leads the user directly to the rug sales page once pressed.


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