Here’s an important question: if you own a rug company and want your customers to try out your merchandise and get a feel for how it would look in their homes, but find that physically delivering or shipping the rugs to them is expensive, impractical or impossible, what’s the next best thing? 

Providing them with a link to photos on your website and letting them browse your storefront seems like the obvious option, but there’s no effective way to show them how the items would look in their home. A photograph certainly won’t tell them how well the rug matches their living room curtains, for example.

Sending them video content is better alternative, but in addition to not giving an accurate representation of how the rugs will look in their home, your potential customers would be reliant on predefined camera angles to see the product. How do you really know you’re filming the details your customers want to see?

Moreover, your clients may not prefer the material or color of the items shown in the photographs or videos. If a red rug is shown, they’ll need to use their imagination to see a blue rug, and so on. How do you really know you’re not wasting precious hours making multiple videos for a customer who may ultimately just decide to walk down the street and buy from a competitor?

Yes, provided they live in the vicinity of the store, they can come in and see the rugs in person, but do they have a clear idea of which size rug will fit in their space? How many customers bring a tape measure or really come into the store knowing the exact dimensions of the floorspace they want to occupy?

So, it’s certainly not easy! You don’t want to forfeit the sale, but you want your customers to feel confident that they can receive the exact items they requested (returns can certainly be a hassle). And the situation becomes even more complex when you consider any potential damage that could be made to the rug during the trial period.

However, fortunately there is a new powerful, high tech solution that is beginning to be used by businesses everywhere:

Enter augmented reality, a new technology you might have heard of before. It’s simple, affordable, and It’s the perfect solution for situations described above. Here’s how it works:

  • Your customers pick up their smartphones and download the app that we’ve custom designed for your business.
  • They select the item they want to display from a menu.
  • They look through their phone’s camera and quickly (5 seconds) scan the floor of the room where they want the product to appear.
  • They tap the screen and see a digital version product appear in that exact location through their phone’s screen.

So now your customers not only have an extremely high-quality, lifelike digital representation of your products in their home, but with a quick swipe or tap they can also change the product’s material or color to match exactly what fits with the decor of the room or the style they prefer most. And since the digital rugs are also perfectly in scale with their physical counterparts, your customers will have a crystal clear idea of how they’ll fit in their rooms. 

It’s by giving your customers this freedom that lets them get exactly the right rugs with the right specifications they want, the first time. And when this is accomplished, you not only have another satisfied customer, but have also significantly saved expenses on marketing material or delivery processes.

Of course, you’re the expert as far as your product is concerned, but your customers are the expert as far as their home decor and lifestyle is concerned. Why not give them a tool that will empower them during their rug shopping experience?

When we build Rug Home Viewing Apps for our clients, we listen closely to their needs and work side-by-side with them to make the absolutely most effective mobile applications available today. If you’d like to discuss how to provide your customers with this powerful tool and give your company a head start with a technology that will be everywhere in the near future, please reach out to us here and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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