There’s no doubt about it: adding a new technology to your business can certainly be intimidating. We’re well aware of the feeling of apprehension that can arise when you hand over the management of a piece of the business you’ve put years or even decades of your life into. You want things done your way and you want the same quality you’ve striven for for years. 

This is something we fully understand and are keenly aware of each time we meet with our prospective clients. That’s why we use a time-tested system that keeps you in control and gives you every opportunity to be sure you’re getting exactly the results you expect.


When we start projects with a client at Chewed Pixel Studios, it all begins with thorough research and deep dive into how your business works. What’s your company’s history? What’s the message your company is sending out to the world? Not only do we want to know enough about your products to build the app for you, but we want the software we build for you to match perfectly with the image you’re showing the world.

“At Chewed Pixel Studios we’re all about our customers and we want every job we do to be a reflection of our customers’ values.”

Ben Savage – Founder of Chewed Pixel Studios

Throughout the entire development process, and especially at the beginning phases when the main features are designed, we want to make sure you’re completely in the know and have the ability to provide us with immediate critical feedback before anything is set in stone. During this phase, or at any other time during the process, we’re only a phone call or email away for any questions. If we miss you, we’ll be back in touch the very next business day at the latest.

We know you’re busy with the day-to-day running of your business and we’re also aware that in real life unforeseen things can happen, making it extremely difficult to keep a consistent schedule. With this in mind, we like to hold quick, fifteen minute max, weekly check-in video calls with our clients. If a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, we send weekly emails with videos and images detailing the work performed and pass along any critical questions.

After the initial design phase is complete and we have a clear understanding of how the app will be built and which features it will include, the weekly meetings will generally consist of less questions and will take on a more “show and tell” nature: we’ll provide you with videos / live screenshares detailing our progress in order to make sure we’re on the right track and the app is exactly the way you imagined it.

This will continue until the final touches are ready to be added to the app and it’s time to discuss release and submission to the app stores.

Typically app store submission can be a lengthy and sometimes challenging process, but having been through it several times already, we’re well prepared for every surprise and can provide you with forms and documents that significantly simplify each step along the way.

Even after the work is complete, the app is up on the stores, and we’ve handed off the product to you, we’ll remain easy to reach via email or phone for any necessary technical support or questions.

App development should never be a headache and it should absolutely never be a waste of anyone’s time at any stage of the process. We value our customers highly and want each client to feel ownership in a final product that accurately represents a message and design that they’ll be proud to share with the entire world.

If you’d like to learn more about our app development process or would like to learn about how your business can benefit from an augmented reality mobile app, you can easily reach us by clicking on this link. We’ll be in touch with you soon after.

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