New technology can be many things: a useful tool that solves a problem, a valuable resource for gaining information, or a powerful means of connecting with others. However, in order for it to be widely adopted and consumed by a large-scale audience, it needs to be simple and easy to use. Users want to get the content they need as seamlessly as possible or they will go elsewhere. If a new technology isn’t doing what it’s designed to do and isn’t intuitive, it will eventually be replaced by something that does a better job in a simpler way.

At Chewed Pixel Studios we go to great lengths to make sure our augmented reality mobile apps are accessible to anyone of any age and any previous technology experience. We accomplish this thanks to extensive user research / testing and by paying very close attention to our clients’ needs throughout the entire app development process. Ask anyone who’s worked with us and they’ll agree that we go out of our way to give them the exact custom experience they request. 

We know that you are the expert of your industry and you’ve built a deep understanding of your customers’ needs through years of experience.  Once we take on a project with you, our primary goal is to give you the best possible product that provides the highest benefit to your customers. And while we’re designing your company’s ideal experience, we’re asking ourselves each step of the way how to take that same powerful performance and make it simpler to use.

In fact, for the majority of our product visualization tools, such as our In-Home Rug Visualization and Furniture Visualization apps, we base the experience intended for your users on a simple, baseline 3-step process:

As your customers explore the apps we build for your business, you can rest assured that each screen they interact with is designed based on proven design concepts and built on the back of several years of software development experience and expertise. To use any of the apps we develop, they’ll only need a basic understanding of smartphones – we take care of everything else behind the scenes.

We’d love to speak with you in more detail about how easy your customers will find our mobile apps. Please reach out and contact us here anytime and we’ll set up a quick call to go over any questions you may have.

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