When it comes to marketing, we know the number one priority is to increase sales. Whether your product is a physical item or a service, Augmented Reality can help make that happen. But as with any strategy, implementing it correctly is the key to watching it become a huge success to your sales and customers.

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Here are 5 tips to adding AR to your already existing strategy:

1. Make it fun.

One of the biggest perks to AR, whether your customers use it directly, or your sales use to present, is that it’s fun. Capitalize on that and make it fun! Maybe your customers can change the colors of things, or get a cute avatar they can dress up. Maybe sales can get statistics on demand as they show off to the customer.

Taking the time to make the experience enjoyable, will create the desire to use your app. That impression will stick with the consumer far longer than generics, and your ROI will thank you for it.

2. Keep the branding consistent, tell your story!

Couple this with the first step, and you’re on your way to being viral! Your consumers will have those fond memories, and in those, will be your logos and colors. Most of us can still recall commercials that we loved from our childhood.

Taking the time to create an engaging AR experience, with consistent branding, and good storytelling and flow, will leave those lasting impressions for years, if not decades.

3. Less gimmicks.

Keep it simple. WWE did a great job creating a donation app. Instead of trying to compete with Pokemon Go, they made a simple AR experience where you got to feed a baby animal, and led you to their donation page. It was memorable, impressionable, and simple. They combined both steps 1, 2, and 3, to create something special.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of making AR or VR gimmicky, but we know they don’t last for long term. Can your consumers access discounts and sales through the app? Absolutely! But making that the only experience, will likely counter any long term ROI.

4. Add Value.

Building off the above, the key is to add value, if you’re adding AR to your existing strategies. This is another tool you have to create a lasting impression, win over customers, and keep current consumers engaged.

There are countless ways AR can do this, including geolocalization, so that customers will get content catered to them. Or perhaps they can chat live with customer service right from the app. Your imagination is the limit to adding value and creating a long term AR experience.

5. Use Analytics and Captures.

So you’ve worked with a great company like Chewed Pixel Studios, to build an AR experience. You’ve got it out in the world. The value doesn’t simply stop there!

There’s a lot of data you can start using depending on how you launched your app. Grab email addresses for direct marketing. Find out what products are generating the most interest. Analytics will allow you to continue growing your business and marketing strategy even farther.

AR scanning of soda can through an iPad.

There’s truly no limit to what Augmented Reality can do to grow your sales farther. Make the leap today, and discover why almost 90% of mid market businesses are leveraging AR in some form (Deloitte 2018). Your investors will thank you!

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