Hello eleven competitors! Thanks for taking part in this competition – I think you’ll enjoy it. The book has 40 5-star ratings and is the first in a series on game development fundamentals (part 2 on rendering was released recently). For those of you who might be curious, I’m not affiliated with the author in any way, but discovered a couple days ago that I’d accidentally purchased duplicates. Why do something lame like sell it on Amazon when you can throw a cool competition and give it away to the winner?


So here’s the challenge: what you need to do is go to Github and search through the repos to find examples of variables which contain the words love and food. You don’t need to find the exact variable names love and food, but the words need to be included in the name. Case sensitivity is not important. Acceptable answers would be: “lovePotionDuration”, “LOVE_METER_READING” or “foodWeight”. However, if target words are included inside a different word such as “gloveSize” or “isFoodie”, or contain numbers (“nameOfF00d“) instead of the letters in the target words, they will not be accepted.

The variables can be of any type, can use any access modifier, can be static or can be in the global scope or local scope. Javascript function expressions are fine too. Constants are not allowed.

Also, the file must be have pushed to Github no later than yesterday (June 26th): making 2 new repos and pushing them to Github not allowed 🙂

Only the 11 people whose Twitter handles were included in the Tweet may participate.


When it’s time to submit your findings, I’ll need 2 things for each target word:

  • a direct link to the file on Github
  • the line number where the variable is located in the file.

IMPORTANT: To submit, please reply to the Tweet where you found this link. Please send your answers together in one Tweet (2 links & 2 line numbers).

The winner is the first one to send the correct information.

Enjoy & happy variable hunting! If you have any questions, tweet them to me anytime.


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